FAQs for Go Fishing Dubai

Top ten frequently asked questions for Fishing in Dubai with Go Fishing Dubai

If you have any other questions about our fishing trips in Dubai please do not be shy. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Clarity and being on the same page with our visitors is always important to us!  We hope the answers to the below questions helps you! 

Question 1:  What kind of boat are we using when we go fishing in Dubai?

Answer: We are using a Triton 35ft center console, maximum capacity is 6 to 8 people depending on the fishing option you decide to opt for. The boat is equipped with all the safety equipment (life jackets, first aid kit, flairs, fire extinguishers, GPS, Sonar, VHF radio & transponder) as per UAE Coast Guard regulations. There is a semi shaded area, toilet, cooler box, as well as ice. 

Question 2: What time do we go fishing? 

Answer: Depending on the option you decide on; we are either do an early morning session between 6am to 7am or an afternoon session between 2pm to 4pm depending on the time of year. Our starting times for both mornings and afternoons sessions usually vary all year round as we are aiming to coincide our sessions with the sunrise and the sunset timings. The fish are usually at their peak feeding time around sunrise and sunset. 

Question 3: What do I need to bring on my fishing trip in Dubai?

Answer: ID is mandatory as per UAE Coast Guard regulations, the rule also applies to children. Emirates ID for UAE residents, GCC citizen can bring their GCC ID, for non UAE residents original passport is required. Other things to bring; a cap or hat, jacket on cooler months of the year, sunblock, swimming attire and a towel if there is interest for swimming.    

Question 4: Can I go snorkeling?

Answer: We are more into honestly and clarity, Dubai waters has very little visibility approximately 2-5 meters. Not really ideal snorkeling conditions as you will not be able to see much or any marine life due to the poor visibility, thus defeating the entire purpose of snorkeling. Even thou most charter companies in Dubai are promoting this, we don't want to disappoint anyone.😉 Swimming would be more ideal and you are welcome to do so!  

Question 5: What is included in my fishing trip in Dubai with Go Fishing Dubai?

Answer: On all of our sessions we are providing refreshments (water, juices, and soft drinks), snacks (cupcakes and croissants), bait, and fishing equipment. You are more than welcome to bring your own refreshments and snacks/food if you wish to do so.    

Question 6: I am new to fishing in Dubai will there be someone to guide me?

Answer: We have fished with people visiting from all over the world of all ages with little or no experience to the more experienced world class anglers. 90% of our groups are new to fishing in Dubai waters so we are here to guide and assist if needed. There is no experience needed to come fishing with us, regardless of the fishing package you decide to opt for. We will try our best to make you look like a pro on any of our fishing options! 😎

Question 7: How far do we sail out to go fishing in Dubai?

Answer: The biggest misconception that people have about fishing in Dubai when people contact us is that they always think they need to go ''DEEP SEA FISHING''. Let us break it down for you; Dubai waters is relatively shallow approximately 10-15 meters inland/shoreline, and approximately 18-35 meters deeper out, depending on the fishing spots and tide elevation on the day. We do not have a deep drop, so sailing out as far as the eye can see wont make a difference to the size of fish you catch nor will it make the water deeper. We have over 300 fishing spots in Dubai and we pick them accordingly on the day depending on the current sea conditions, type of fishing we are doing, and activity of the fishing spots at the current time of year. We are not always on the shoreline and neither are we always deep sea, we pick our spots on the day and go fishing where we think we can get the best fishing activity for our groups.  


Question 8: Can I take my fish, or what happens to the fish? 

Answer: You are more than welcome to take your fish back, if you don't want to take the fish back we are donation the catch to charity to the workers and laborers around the marina to help feed the less fortunate. However if you would like to practice catch and release we can also do that.    


Question 9: Can I bring younger children on board?

Answer: We are a family orientated business and frequently have younger children on-board so younger people are always welcome to join in. The minimum age is 3 years old to go on our fishing sessions. This excursions is not recommended during pregnancy.    


Question 10: Am I guaranteed to catch fish when I go fishing in Dubai with Go Fishing Tours?

Answer: This may sound like a very funny question to some people but this has been a very popular question for us from our visitors. Many fishing charter companies in Dubai will promise the ''Best catch and Guaranteed catch'', this is basically a sales gimmick or method used to lure their customers. Safer option would be to go to the fish market than to fish with those guys!  🤣

In all honesty we are fishermen and not interested in promoting anything that is unrealistic to our visitors. We have years of experience fishing in Dubai and we are catching fish on all our sessions. The size and numbers of the fish you catch is totally your luck on the day and what the ocean decides to gift you. Our promise to you is that we will always give you our 150% and try our best on the day to give you the best chance at catching fish!